Acrobatic Yoga DVD and Ebooks

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In this set you get three ebooks on cd with videos showing you how to perform each trick.

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Three Acrobatic Yoga E-Books with instructional videos.

In this set you get THREE acrobatic yoga ebooks on cd with videos of each trick showing you the exact moves you need to perform to master Acrobatic Yoga.

Blending Yoga with light Acrobatics, Acrobatic Yoga is a very motivating, fun, spectacular way to keep fit.

Take your yoga and abilities a big step forward and gain the benefits of such a rewarding sport while obtaining some very visually beautiful acrobatic achievements.

Practicing for over 15 years, the instructors are professional acrobats, performers and are fully trained and qualified.
They enjoying pushing the limits of these sports and have vast teaching experience in this field.
Drawing from our background in Gymnastics, Sports Acrobatics, Circus Adagio, Icarian Games, Circus Acrobatics, Stunt Training, Hand to Hand and of course Partner Acrobatic Yoga.

Comprehensive Step by Step Visual Guides

Each Book includes Instructional CD with Video Examples.

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