Balloon Magic Book Beginner

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Excellent step by step photo instructions, by the King of Balloon Twisting, Marvin Hardy.

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Quality, spiral bound (great for laying open flat when learning), laminated pages, balloon figure book which will last a life time and lots of wear and tear.

This is the book to have whether you are an experienced twister or a total beginner. Learn all the various balloon twists and locks, to set your self up for a life time of experimentation!

Contains: Basic, Mouse, Giraffe, Floppy ears, Basset hound, Dachshund, Cat, Swan, Antlers, Deer, Elk, Moose, Ram, Bunny Rabbit, Poodle, Tulip, Daisy, Sunflower, Orchid, Chihuahua, Squirrel, Mane, Horse, Rocking horse, Lion, Lamb, Teddy Bear, on Unicycle, Love Birds, on Swing, Parrot in a swing, Dove, Eagle, Turkey, Road runner, Alligator, Bullfrog, Fish, Kissing fish, Sword, Ski pole, Pistol, Headphones, Skateboard, Chopper, Bicycle, Biplane, Airplane, Jet-727, helicopter, Doll, St. Bernard, Elephant, Unicorn, Motorcycle with a kickstand.

1/2 size, Soft cover, Sprial bound,158 pages

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