DRS Solo 20″ Unicycle for a Beginner


A very popular and affordable, high quality unicycle.

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Product Description

A very popular and affordable, high quality unicycle. They feature a chrome plated tubular frame with a flat crown for freestyling.

The flat fork crown frame style, with built in quick release, and the sturdy main cap-style bearing holder are unique DRS qualities.

All unicycles are equipped with a quick release seat post clamp, allowing adjustment for varying heights of riders.

The padded saddle with scuff guards and the cotterless cranks are an additional feature that enhances your first unicycling experience.

Available in a 20” wheel with a variety of electrifying colours.

This 20″ Learners Unicycle features a specially designed comfy unicycle saddle.

An excellent unicycle – great for learning.

20” wheeled unicycle

Cotterless cranks

Precision hub bearings

Colours may vary.

Included is a unicycle stand and instructions.

Leg length sizes: Max:83cm , Min 63cm with cut down seat post.

Note that these sizes are from the crotch to the floor wearing shoes, not trouser sizes.

Additional Information

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm



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