Footbag 182 Panel

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182 hand stitched panels.

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Product Description

Was $30.00 now only $20.00!

This Behemoth is a giant amongst footbags.

Great for beginners and circle kickers.

Its larger size makes it easy to see in the air and to kick.

This bag is loose and weighty enough to perform difficult stalls with.

Size: 65mm

Weight: 45 grams

Fill: plastic pellet

Price is per bag.

Hand stitched.

Material: Soft and durable Ultra-Suede fabric.

Commonly referred to as Hacky Sack, Hackey sack or hacki sack this form of footbag involves players passing (kicking) the bag around a circle.

The aim is to keep the bag off the ground for as long as possible using any part of the body except for hands and arms.

A hack is achieved when every person in the circle has kicked the footbag.


Additional Information

Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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